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December 26th, 2006

TP Ralis Perdy

Are you really that dense?

I've played Twilight Princess now... 13 hours. Eeek. It's 5:42 am and I'm not tired at all. What is wrong with me?

Good thing is that, even after so long I'm not even half done yet. Another Link/Colin moment, Link holds him down when he's on all fours. Perv. Link is very very hot.

The Goldon Wolf could possibly be Sheik. When he first see's Link he says something along the liens of 'You're an insult to the tunic you wear.' He also mentions the hero that wore it (therefore he at least knew one of the Link's) also the howling statues (at least the Death Mountain one) have a symbol a lot like the Sheikah symbol, if not exactly the same. Hmmm.

The dark Link's are hot (mostly due to their red eyes), though Link with no irises/pupils is slightly scary. Scary in a hot, psycotic way.

Ralis=perdy. Link better do something wiht him or I'll slap him.

Tonight's been weird.
Jay Cock!

Put on your face and let's pretend

I've slept pretty much until now. Well, since I didn't sleep til 7... It's so dark out I thought it was later.

There's nothing no tonight. xSigh.

I'm gonan try and write again before returning to Wii. Well and watch Two Ronnies.
Jay Cock!

Have ye any nuts?

I'm eating chocolate cake that I forgot was here. Shows how often I open the fridge for food isn't it?

It's weird trying to remember how to work software I haven't used since the pre-broadband era. makes me feel old.

I hate the Wi-Fi thing.

I've been on Zelda 6 hours today, yet seem to have accomplished very little. Yesterday, in the 12 hours I was on it, I completed two dungeons. Today, though, I've only just gotten the third one open. I think it's mostly due to my urge to explore and poke everything. I spent the last 20 minutes swimming around Lake Hylia.

Things of note:
*Ralis is just so pretty
*I sense him/Colin action cause Colin's by his bedside
*Note to Malo: You shouldn't have a shop if you can't look over the counter
*How many bomb bags do you get? I now have three!
*Kitties/ducks/puppy's are all cute, but squirrel's still=best
*Hyrule Castle Town is pretty... but where the hell are all the shops and mini-games? In Ocarina (even though it was a third of the size at least) it had 4 shops and 3 mini-games, this one has a bunch of Goron's selling stuff, another that's left his shop unatttended and one mini-game. Maybe more'll show up later (when this Jovani bloke shows up)
*I wanna turn into wolf!Link anytime already *pouts*
*Who knew Gorons would be alright underwater?
*Zoras are pretty (as is Zora's Domain)
*Since when did 75% of the Zora population become soldiers?
*Someone's could Link grasshopper. Is this gonna happen on every console Zelda game noww? 9This is the third time it's happened, I can't remeber if it did on Wind Waker)
*Zoras and Gorons know what each other look like
*I got a new bottle
*I HATE fishing (in principle it's a good idea, in practice it frustrates the shit outta me, especially on that boat)
*The bridge above Lake Hylia is perdy
*Hyrule Field is massive
*Shad is perdy, though he hasn't said his name
*There seems to be an obsession with bomb arrow usage
*I loved the escort thing, weven though it hurt my wrist
*Hyrule soldiers are such fucking cowards. They're so useless!
*I like the rafting

I think that's it, though I might've missed something. Probably not, I haven't done much though so..

I'm taking a break for a few hours, before I dash back to Kakariko (I forgot to open the passage in the Zora Grave) then do the third Dungeon, Lakebed Temple. For now, i'll be online/writing and I'll probablt put soemthing on too.

Why am I thinking about kids a lot?

There's only a quarter of the cake left now.
Jay Cock!

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