December 20th, 2006

Jay Cock!

Dance for us

One shower, two eps of Family Guy and two hours (at least) on Empire At War and I feel a better.

I'm in the dress again, that always seems to help calm me down so does talking to babu.

I wish the Lego shop was still open in the Bullring :( I really want the knew Clone/Droid battle packs.

Panic! are oh so gay.

I love how many Doctor Who figures they're making. 4 Daleks (including the black one < 3 ) and the Genesis Ark for £30. Must find when it's out.

I hate my tooth.

Finally seeing a gay phone ad = < 3

Feel ready to have another crack at writing I do.

The mcsecretsanta that i'm meant to do hasn't been started yet. Oops. I wonder who's had the bad luck of getting me
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Jay Cock!

Our ambition got cast aside

I hate how useless I am that I can't do anything I set out to do every day. Sigh.

I also hate how bloody cold it is outside, though I wa sonly in a thin layer so...

Got Kerrang. It's an extra 50p this week, meaning I had to run back in the cold to get said 50p. Bah. I've only had aquick flick through as there's interviews with pretty much every frontman of 06. One of the pics near the start has a pic of Tom Delonge with his arm around Ryan. Who wants to bet something happened?

At the place where said arm wrapping happened, it was just asking for trouble. They had +44 and AVA at the same place at the same time. Was there a fight? Probably, but MCR and Panic! were also there so i'm guessing no one paid attention if there was.

Brendon's pic for the interview looks mmm and I think Matt's interview was done a month ago or something:/ Matt's interview amuses me though (it also amuses me how there's three Matt's in it). You can see Ian's guns. What is it with Gerard and having his eyes wide? He's so sweet and he's gonna try and quit smoking.

Kitty!Tom's in with me somewhere.

Edit: FAMOUS LAST WORDS WAS JUST ON E4! EEEEE! I'm so recording it on E4+ 1 < 3 Mikey= < 333 Frankie=hyper

Also, my mouse pointer disappearing isn't an Empire At War thing. I'm confused now

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Jay Cock!

A naturally lazy person

The zombie fic finally has a pairing, so I can write it now. Huzzah! *blames icon*

Fics I'm writing:
*Untitled MCR Surgery
*My Body Is Your Body (Hooker Spencer)
*Untitled Mikey fic
*Dead! (Zombie fic)

All these have something wrote to them, so (specially hooker Spence) will get done first. Block's come back and is slowly going again.

I extended my paid account years for loyalty userpics. How many's the max? I'm on 154. Oh Well, I have loads of MCR icons up now.

I yoinked the cam, so went wild taking pics. Image intensiveness for the rest of post.

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