December 18th, 2006

Jay Cock!

There's only two!

I hate popworld. All i knew was Mcfly were gonna be on so i flicked through and there was the Famous Last Words video. Why did I not know? More to the point HOW?

Sob *is gonna watch it on e4+1*
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Jay Cock!

Activate the droids!

I missed Popworld. Again I blame bed.

I woke to the phone ringing. I hate waking up to that. Seems the only time I hear the phone in there is when I'm asleep.

I'm gonna spend the next 3ish hours writing (cause Hooker Spencer is almost done) then... I dunno.

Ryan wearing MCR tees=< 33

I have an idea for one of the smut_69's. It even hads a title noted.

I had something else to post about but I can't remember it. Oh well. Will do a who's hottest in Panic! poll later.

Fics open (in order from top to bottom on the drop down thing):
Deaf And Dumb (Pete Wentz/Frankie Iero/?)
What To Do With The Dead (This part Mikey Way/Ryan Ross though overall Mikey Way/Ian Watkins and Mikey Way/Gerard Way)
Untitled (Billy Martin/?) [I might close this one cause I'm clueless about it]
Untitled (Ryan Ross/Spencer Smith) [Aka the Hooker fic, this'll be done first]
Hard Slammin (Matt Tuck/Dave Williams, Sean Smith/Ian Watkins, Matt Tuck/Dave Williams/Sean Smith/Ian Watkins)
The Hunt (Tom Delonge/Brendon Urie, Tom Delonge/Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross, Matt Tuck/Ian Watkins, Matt Tuck/Tom Delonge)
Untitled (Gerard Way/Mikey Way, Bob Bryar/Ray Toro, others) [Aka the surgery fic]
Untitled (Jared Leto/Shannon Leto, Jared Leto/Travis Barker0)
[Untitled (Alex Pennie/?)
Untitled (Gerard Way/Mikey Way)
Untitled (Jared Leto/Tom Delonge)
Untitled (Ryan Ross/Billy Martin)
Untitled (??/??/??)]
Untitled (Gerard Way/Mikey Way/Omar Abidi)
Untitled (Spencer Smith/??) [Aka zombie fic]
Unitled (Matt Tuck/Jay James)
Untitled (Miyavi/??) [Aka Miyavi+hammer]
Cause I See You Lying Next To Me (Oli Sykes/Tom Sykes/?)
Pet (Padge/Ray Toro)
Breathless (Matt Tuck/wiL Francis)
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Jay Cock!

Been wrong before and wrong again

Commenting anonymously=bad as always think you're not who you are. Sigh.

I'm shit at telling who's who and then I react wrong thinking that they're someone else.

Take heed kids, don't anonymous comment. it makes me feel stupid.

I went home a few hours back, which was all... blah. Especially as I had inspiration just before I was called there. Gah.

We should've remained as an Empire all those years ago, then we lost everything and now we're just a tiny commonwealth. I blame the Americans. One day we'll be an Empire once again, I have faith in that.

No way are we getting the stupid Euro.

Now I've watched Most Haunted I'm back on it again.

Watching Last House On the Left tonight.
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