December 1st, 2006

Jay Cock!

For the summertime

It's weird. Leaving's weird. I don't know what I was more sd over though: what I was leaving behind or what I was coming back to.

I hated the journey as always. Several things went wrongish. Some things went right though.
+I got the early train at Orpington, one I normally miss
+I got some sushi for £2
+I got AP with MCR on
-The WH Smiths had no pepsi:(
-The bags kept trying to strangle me
-I paniced as I lost the fucking coach ticket
+Thankfully babu had the ticket details in an e-mail
+So I could get a replacement
-From a place over the other side of the station
-When the coach came, it was overloaded as one was delayed since 12 due to an accident
-So I was stuck next to someone
-And I'd left my pen an DS in a bag that was packed under the coach
+Getting sleep on coach
+Lots of hot oriental guys
-Deciding to walk to the Bullring
-Borders not having the right Blender (I'm not sure if the one with Christina is the missue before MCR or after)
+Going into HMV which had one of the Lostprophets singles, Panic!'s and The Blackout's album
-The bags deciding to tighten while I'm in the queue
-The train being full
-The coldness

Babu=my savior.

Home was strange. With no nan it felt... mot right, seeing her tomorrow. Mum overloaded me with info, which annoyed me as I was tired. Dougie bit me a lot.

Mum was kind enough to tell me that they're going on Saturday. For two weeks. Great,, two weeks alone with the dog trying to eat the pigs. Sigh.

Empire At War=love. I love killing people.

The Blackout song with Ian=love

Mcfly's vid is weid. Harry=sex.

To do list for tomorrow:
*Finish fic (might do some tonight)
*Ask for money to be left behind to keep me going
*Do a poll
*Start a Lostprophets slash comm
*Be annoyed by dog
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Jay Cock!

Like the sane abandoned me

Mum's confusing.

I couldn't sleep last night, so I played the Empire At War campaign... I finished it.

Going shopping in a few, but I leave you with a poll.

Poll #879378 Who's hotter?

Who's more attractive in Bullet?

Matt Tuck
Jay James
One of the others (Padge or Moose)

Pretty pictures to help decide
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