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November 25th, 2006

OOT Link/Sheik Survivor

By a lake

Today we went to Lakeside, which was, largely, a disappointment. No Borders, a small HMV, a big Wooolworths with not much in it and kids, oh dear god there were kids everywhere. Ugh.

The good was from three things. The first was finding a sweet shop which had jelly beans and lots of them. The second (although chronologically last) was Mcdonalds, cause their fries=love. The third, was one of the first things we saw there.

The Wii.

There was a Wii playtest-demoy-thing going on (I'm still not sure what it was). I ahhed and ohhed over the general Wiiness and the sport game that actually manages to look cute. However the best one was what I saw last at it last.

They played a bit of Twilight Princess.

It looks so amazingly cool and they shown one of the bosses. The boss is amazing looking. Think of the Balrog crossed with the body of the Beast from Doctor Who and you're there. Link's boots seemed to magnetise to the floor somehow and hold down one it's chains to make it fall over. I'm not quite sure how it works but it looks cool.

I'm hyped for it now.

In Smiths I looked in the Nintendo magazine and they'd rated it as 97%! I got the last one of the N-Gamer magazine for the pretty Link poster. It's so going on my wall at home. There's a few dvd with it that I'm going to watch now.

All in all today's been eh. It's not been worth the wait really and in the end I only bought one magazine. Oh well. Tomorrow, hopefully we'll be going to Bromley.

New layout, gotta get used to the friend's page though. Eep.

I'm gonna post fic some point tonight, all one needs is a title and Dead's almost got it's part done as well at last.
Jay Cock!

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