October 28th, 2006

Jay Cock!

Take this to my grave

I hate my bed. I go to lay in it to... notdoanythingatall and I end up going to sleep. First it's only for like half hour, then I go again and it's like 3. GAH!

Wonderous. Just as I get my writing inspiration back, I sleep and it all goes to hell.

I'm concentrating on writing for an hour, then finishing packing and going to find the fucking job center (oh how I loathe the thought of that place, it pisses me off to degrees most people couldn't comprehend). Then it's go to nan's and get money, before off. GAH!

Stupid fucking bed... I hate this journey.

I'm not sorting the laptop till I'm there, cause it's easier like that.

If I don't make another post, then talk to you all at some point. mychemicalcrack good luck with the concert! make sure to send any songs you record, the one I have is lonely.

Edit; Actually, you know what? Fuck the Job Center. it's too much stress on a day when I'm rushing about anyway. I'll sort it when I get back.
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Jay Cock!

What To Do With the Dead Part 6

Title: What To Do With the Dead Part 6
Pairings: Gerard/Mikey, Mikey/Ryan Ross
Rating: NC-17
POV: Mikey
Author Notes: This is what Ryan's outfit is based on (minus the large buckle thing). The link to Ryan's pic is what his make-up looks like, just toned down a little. It's taken awhile to do as I've had selective block for this fic, no idea why.
Warnings: Mentions of gore, but mostly sex
Dedications: antontobias86 for making this pretty Ryan manip to go with the fic
Part 1: Brother, My brother
Part 2: Gerard's Room
Part 3: It's been one week...
Part 4: The Exhibit
Part 5: 'If you live or die'
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