October 27th, 2006

Jay Cock!

And take all the pain away from me

I hate my bed. I finally got rid of semi-block to write and then I fall asleep. Gah. Now it's today and I hate today.

Today I must do the following:
*Be dragged to Cannock *sigh*
*Go to Job Center *triple sigh*
*Blood donate (seems a bit unlikely noow)
*Transfer fics to device
*Get laptop
*Get money
*Check timetables
*Hate mum
*Find a way to seal off my room
*Hate mum

I can't believe how stupid she's being. Stupid and stubbon and fucking childih. Apparently grandad had a go at her, so they've not talked since Monday. Bah, it''s stupid. It's meant she's been around here constantly and having a go at me. And it's always the same things over and over.. and fucking over. I don't want you having a go at me you stupid bitch!

It's driving me insane! Insane I tell thee!


She expects us to go in like 10 minutes.

Edit: My glasses are fucked.

Seen a van with Fletchers on it.

Apparently there's going to be another Star Wars book I need out April.
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Jay Cock!

I want to be losing it all

I hated today. It's been spent walking to Cannock, walking round Cannock, getting lost in Cannock and walking back.


I couldn't find the Job Center. I got lost and went around in a circle. I hate it. It means I have to go in the morning.

Mum's put us on the WII waitlist. Woo.

I got some stuff for babu.

I saw a verry pretty dress-thing today. twas black and shiny and I want or me.

I'm too drained for blood donating, I've got no energy and when I have it sucked outta me, it makes me weaker.

I'm not gonna pack or anything for a few hours when I'll hopefuly feel stronger.

The latest I'll be leaving tomorrow is on the 16:05 train, which means I'll arrive at Dunton Green at about 9pm. Ish, I'm not sure of times yet. I was hoping to leave at 1, but I've gotta sort this Job Center bull out so I've got to do that. Why the fuck can't it just be in the towm center? Sigh.

I might not sleep tonight, simply cause if I do, then I'll wake up late and won't have any time tomorrow.

Have to go later to get orbs for babu/money.
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Jay Cock!

So many bright lights they cast a shadow

Third post of the day. Woo pointlessness.

Packing phase one complete. That means Cube, Doctor Who dvds, tee's and a pair of jeans are packed. Phase two involves the device, more dvds, DS, notebook and books. Phase three is the longest, as it's the laptop which I need to load up and sort out what's on there meaning deleting and sorting files and shit. Oddly though, three will be done before two.

I'm going to start on that later tonight though. It needs to be plugged in and stuff.

I hate Robbie, cause if it wasn't for him MCR would be number 1.

Mum's wrapping up babu's Christmas/Birthday stuff. Basically it's loads of small things cause I can't really afford a big thing this year. Sigh. it makes me feel bad that I've got all these little things though.

I'm letting mum do the wrapping cause if I did I'd be a big ball of paper and sticky tape.

Mum seems insistant on giving her dad something. No idea why.

I don't know how much money I'll have, I've got to go over to nan's again tomorrow to see if I'm going to get any and mum's got to go to give me my Christmas money. Ity's meant to be to get presents but it'll help cover stuff while I'm down Sevenoaks (ie my travel down there, Kerrang's, MCR). I fear I'll be leeching again and I don't want to do that, but I might have to.

I'll take my bank books which gives me an emergency fund of almost £20.

Instead of spending a month + like I was going to I'm going tomorrow through to, roughly, the Wednesday after the concert. Then I'll have to pop back (for an unknown amount of time) around the 28th for Bullet. I've no idea who's paying for all the travel though. I don't want to not go, cause then babu can't go see Bullet. :(

I hate all this Job Center bollocks, it pisses me off majorly (you'd neve rhave guessed would you?) if it wasn't for it then I could stay the whole time, but I have to do this signing on crap (even though I haven't even sorted it out). I guess I could lie and call them near the date that I've broken something or am sick so can't go in. Would that work?


Work is crap.

Right, I've decided that, with little-no money, I can't buy gifts for many people. Therefore, at some point soon, I'll do a special fic request thing where people can request whatever they want and I'll do it as a gift. I won't do it fr a few weeks, cause ya know, I'll forget stuff and it's too early. Does anyone think that's a good idea?

Of course I have limits (the words NO JAYBOURNE shall probably be bolded in the post), but other then the obvious I think I could do something for everyone.

Two days until Torchwood ep 3!

What To Do With the Dead's info has been updated:
*Mikey will modify what Ryan wears in the part I'm doing now and will wear it at least once
*What Ryan wears is one of Miyavi's outfits
*Pete Wentz is going to be in it
*Miyavi might not be in. Instead, I'll use what was going to happen to him in his own fic (cause he has so many tat's and it just makes more sense that way)

Now, to write part 6.
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Jay Cock!

This is halloween!

This is THE most amazing song ever! Everyone go and download it now < 3

LJ's new theme= < 333

I'm writing, next post shall be a fic I swear (next being What To Do With The Dead, the one after it being ficlets).

Panic! are on tv now... with Brent when was this filmed?

Ryan is gorgeous.


Edit: Anyone that finds me really hot Brendon/Ryan/Spencer porn gets whatever fic they want made top priority.
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