October 21st, 2006

Jay Cock!

Burn all the empires

I seem destined to be woke up by a noisy thing every day. Today was the hoover. Gah!

This time, though, I managed to go back to sleep.

Last night was less blah then the day. Slightly. I spent my time watching the Simpsons on tv and pestering pweople online (read as babu). But of course, there came a cut of point and everyone went to bed.

The ebst thing about last night was The Album Chart Show. Well, the first 5 minutesish. Cause of Welcome To The Black Parade. Even though I've heard it so much I stiill squeal, though I think I was more squealling at them coming on then anything. I think it'll be number 1 again.

I've only seen one of the AOL sessions, for famous Last Words, as I wanted to see if there was any Waycestness. Whenever the cammera had Mikey in the shot (which was too little of the time) it seemed he was looking at Gerard's ass. Of course, this is nothing new as it seems to happen during EVERY SINGLE PERFORMANCE OF ANY SONG! So it's nothing new.

Once everyone had gone (which oddly seemed to be the same time) I put on Resident Evil Apocalypse and played Empire At War. Of course I won on Empire (even though I was the Rebellion, which is the weaker of the two sides by far) and I half watched Apocalypse.

I went to bed at 4, but didn't sleep for ages.

Today I'm gonna be writing lots and lots. Ok, maybe 2 fics will be posted if that.

Tuesday=The Eye
Friday=Panic! At The Disco on Channel 4
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Jay Cock!

The famous living dead

Fill in and read for it is love < 33

Got Radio Times today (The first magazine I've got in weeks that has no MCR in). Torchwood looks like amazing amazingness. Weee! I'm hyper about that too now. Ianto fancies Jack? Interestinggg

*goes off to find a Torchwood icon and fic*

And how can mum think MCR sounds like Mcfly?
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Torchwood Jack Crotch Level

Living dead

I know this was asked before, but I've split it into three, added one extra person and got the pics in the first post now (cause last time I had to post pics. So vote.
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Stuie: converting people to MCR one person at a time.

Edit: Bah. Again I give up with mychemicalslash It's taking too long to post anything and mods are too fussy with things, it's just not worth it anymore.
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Jay Cock!

Three Cheers For Tyranny

I've now listened to all but two of the album songs.

If you only buy one album this year you'sd be pretty sad.

Ok, seriously, if you only buy one, buy The Black Parade. BEST ALBUM EVER!

Nothing can convince me back to mychemicalslash I don't care if I've lost my main fanbase now. Advice to people: don't join or even try to post there.

I shall write now like I was meant to aand watch The Interprettor.

Looks like Monday is going to Walsall with mum instead of Cannock. Joy. Still going at 8 though.

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