October 19th, 2006

Jay Cock!

You're all going to die down here

Right, from my analysis, the T-Virus infection rate depends on several things:
*How direct the infection was (ie via injection of the virus into the bloodstream, ingestion of infected substances, breathing in infected air, being bitten or scratched by an infected subject) obviously, infection would cause the fastest infection rate
*If infection, via a bite or scratch, how severe said wounds were (ie multiple wounds would make the infection faster)
*The person's immune system: people already ill or with a weak immune system will get infected quicker.
*Death of an infectee (unless it's severe head trauma such as a shot to the head or complete removal of the head altogether) simply causes the infection to accelerate. Even though the host is already dead the virus will manage to reanimate the body using it's remaining energy

End findings.

I was planning on watching both Resident Evil films tonight, but it's half 3 and I'm still on the first one.

Tommorrow I won't be online from about 3, possibly half 2, because of the Fightstar concert. So anyone going I'll see you there, anyone not I won't be online.

Also from tommorrow I'll increase the rate of fics written. If mychemicalslash being down I just haven't written any fics (as most are MCR) at the rate I normally do.

Friday = a blah day.

Monday, however, is a day of excitement and squeeing. MCR ALBUM RELEASE DATE OH YEAH WEE!
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Charlie Smoking

I'm not afraid to keep on living

So this is today...
From now-1 (at latest): Finishing fic
1: Shower/dressing
1:30 Try to get more money
2-3: Less Than Perfect
Either 2:30 or 3:30: Go to station
Either: 3:05 or 4:05: Train
3:40ish or 4:40ish: Get to Birmingham
7: Doors open
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