October 15th, 2006

Jay Cock!

You never had a voice so why all the fuss?

What the fuck is wrong with LJ this morning? Sigh.

A crave tentacle porn. Mainly cause I had a dream last night related to this It might salso have something to do with tentacles being in wtf27. So if anyone can find tentacle boy!porn (apart from that one) I'll love you forever.

Bonus points if it's Morpha

I was woke up to the words: 'Stuart! My Chemical Romance are gonna be on!'

Of course I knew they were, but I was waiting for the E4 repeat in an hour. I couldn't get back to sleep though, so I put it on and watched. They were last thing and who the fuck was in charge of lighting?? if it wasn't for Gerard's eyebrows you wouldn't be sure he was there. And the others were all really blurry. INJUSTICE I SAY!! bah.

Least they'll be number 1 which will equal a post that is the sum of EEEEEEEEEEEE at about 7.

Side note: fic will be posted once I'm back from lunch.
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Jay Cock!

Today is our victory day

YESSSSSSS!!! They are number 1! THEY ARE NUMBER 1!!! MCR ARE NUMBER 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*does a mad insane dance*


I am so fucking proud of them.

And here it is :D Countdown and interview included

Edit 2: Upload 2
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Jay Cock!


Pairing: Gerard/Quinn/Ian Watkins with mentions of Gerard/Mikey and Gerard/Mikey/Quinn
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BDSM, crossdressing
POV: Quinn
Notes: It's slightly less kinky than it was meant to be, though there's room for a sequel.
Dedication:antontobias86 and xcupidxstuntx who requested it.
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