October 11th, 2006

ROTJ Anakin Ghost Of You

I wanna trade them in

Does mum ever stop going on? I've offered her the challenge to see if she can have a single conversation with me without having a go. I think I shoulda bet on it.

Out of to-do list, I accomplished most of last night's.

I killed the Tyrant, thus finishing Resident Evil with the best ending.

I finished part 5 of What To Do With The Dead.

And I saved Panic! pics/started Sykecest.


Spent 3 hours talking to babu. Well, almost. Mum's gonna kil lme over the phone bill.

I'm not going out in this weather, even though I did get Kerrang.

Right, onto the ramble of Kerrang's goodness (what, you were expecting something else?). This week, there's been cause for a lot of squeeing.

First, there's a full page ad for Welcome To The Black Parade (sure it's not as good as the one in NME last week but still..) There's a Good Charlott ething, which has perdy pics, but I'vwe skipped that. There's a play of the new MCR album on Saturday at Birmingham Academy. I'm in two minds weather to go, I want to go, yet might not be able to due to money.

The new Kerrang album (which I now know is out Monday... gah I coulda conend someone into gettiing it me as a pressie) looks brilliant, it's got Panic!, Fightstar, Bullet and Bring me The Horizon, but I can't find a tracklist anywhere. Sigh.

Insert squeal over double page thing for the MCR tour here! :D

Poor Jay for hurting his dick :( Poor Frankie for breaking his snake's neck by mistake:(

Poster special=sex. Perdy Ryan+banjo and is it just me, or does Spencer seem to always wear something white?

Nothing for pages, then I squeal again over a review of the album and DROP the mag (loosing my page) as I turn the light on. They give it 4, which is great so yay!

Again, another load of pages until the back two pages. One of which makes me want to kill and praise Kerrang at the same time. The other page has Amy Lee saying she loves Helena. The other page is about next week's Kerrang. Why does it make me go gah? Why does it mean I have to get 5 Kerrang's for me instead of one?

Well, they've decided to do something clever with the cover. To quote from the back page:
My Chemical Romance
Here comes the Black Parade!
Five Special Souvenir covers!

I don't know wheather to break someone's nose or praise them.

I do know I wanna curl up in bed and will probaly use the weather as an excuse not to go to find the Jobcenter till tommorrow.
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Jay Cock!

Off to kick someone.. again


MCR announce a surprise appearance at Virgin Megastore TOMORROW (Thursday 12th Oct)!

Venue details : THE VIRGIN MEGASTORE , 14 - 16 Oxford St, London, W1D 1AR

For your chance to see the band perform at one of their most intimate gigs where the band will be signing copies of the new single 'Welcome To The Black Parade', visit the store on Thursday to claim a wristband (no purchase necessary).


Timings will be as follows:
7.30pm Performance
8.30pm - 10:00pm Signing session

The album 'The Black Parade' - out Oct 23rd - will also be available for presale on this day - with free artworked My Chemical Romance poster with each presale!

Why was this only sent like 10 minutes ago? If it had been sent hours ago I'd be there. WAHHHHHHH!

What's presale mean?
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ROTS Anakin Ruminations

Someone save us

I hate that I'm not going.

I've tried my best, my very best to go. I hate that it's only been announced so late. I really do.

At least I'm gonna be getting the album if it's there.

And at least I'm not gonna be in Birmingham til 3am.

Hopefully they'll do another one soon. Very soon. As in November.

Sigh, I shoulda listened to babu:(

indie_molko=< 33333
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Jay Cock!

And you will love this song unless you ae dead

4Music awards:
Yay for Chris Moyles saying MCR's name first.

MCR were on the corner of the screen and I squeeled. At first I was unsure it was them, but tgen I saw Bobness < 33 Sadly I recorded in middle of their speech thing as they accepted Muse's award.

Girl's Aloud are so talentless

And now, in the last part, MCR are 'bringing on the Black Parade'

I love Chris Moyles. He's funny and likes MCR

Who's the perdy keyboardist? MCR=always amazing.

He thanked them twice < 33
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