September 30th, 2006

Jay Cock!

Spill your guts at 8mm

Tried to watch the Friends dvd I got from Bromley, but, as I suspected, the sticker thtat was on it screwed it up. Sigh.

I had a most disturbing dream last night. And that says a lot.

Mum's ordered an mp3/pod thing from QVC... and has now gone AWOL.

Got Civilization 3 today, it arrived quicker then expected.

I've been playing a lot of computer games recently. Namely:
*Knights of The Old Republic II; The Sith Lords
*Galactic Battlegrounds
*Empire At War

..all three Star Wars.

I promise to have some sort of fic up before 6. If not, then bop me on the head.

Anyone know where I can watch a good quality not-filmed-from-the-TV version of The Black Parade?
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    Mak Griskey - The Sith Lords
Jay Cock!

Of an impossible princess

Mum's finally impressed with MCR. Liza Minnelli's on the cover of the tv guide, so i told her she worked with them and she seemed shocked/impressed. Huzzah

I'm in a Kylie mood, cause I heard her on teh mp3 so I've put on the Live At Sydney dvd on.
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    Kylie - Loveboat