September 19th, 2006

ROTS Anakin Force choke


Arg! The livejournal has been pirateised arg!

The eyepatches are so cute.

I spent last night watching Revenge Of The Sith. I mouthed along, squeed and rambled aboout how much wasn't in it (as opposed to the book). Hopefully it'll be longer in the re-release. By about, what?, an extra half hour-an hour. Towards the end I drifted a bit though. You know when you drift between asleep and awake? Yeah that was me then.

I'm gonna be spending the day here. Once baby's gone the time'll probably be in bed, depending on how I feel. Right now my head feels a bit funny and my voice is iffy.

I'm determined to go to Bromley tommorrow. I don't care if I've got this stupid bloody cold, I'm going cause I need my Star Wars fix.

I hope 30 Seconds will be at next years Give It A Name.
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Jay Cock!

Come over here, come over here

So I'm sat here, either unbearably overheated or too cold (a change which happens in five seconds and I'm not sure which I prefer), inspired to write, drinking pepsi and sending brainwaves to Jared to do a tour over here.

In just under two hours Gerard's gonna be on Kerrang again. Huzzahh

Listening to 30 Seconds constantly = < 3

Note to terrorists: Please boom Vatican now.
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Jay Cock!

Left behind

Brilliant, so mum's being an overacting drama queen and left a full page letter-thing for my uncle of all people to try and read.

She wants me gone, fine I'll go. If that's how the moody cow wants it then thats how she'll get it. I've got to call her toommorrow, but if all she does is moan and shout then I'll be picking up all my stuff and leaving home all together.

The only problem I see is how to move all my stuff and where to.

I can't stand her.

Least baby has Lord Of War now.
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