September 14th, 2006

Jay Cock!

Tell me I'm a bad, bad man!

Last night was strange, due to the storm making a shit connection and the cranefly invasion. It rained really heavy and there was thunderbolts and lightening very very frightening. I kept running around smushing the bastard craneflies cause they scare babu :( Baby spent most of the night upstairs, but I was inspired so I stayed online and wrote.

Newsflash! Danny Jones has been sacked and replaced by Simon Amstell! Or at least he gave him styling tips

Why are there no codes for Lego Star Wars 2? I wanna get Leia as Boushh but I can't get the last minikit piece due to te stupid freeplay glitch in Jabba's Palace. Stupid Rancor pit. I wonder who'd win in an Acklay vs Rancor duel? Hmmm...

Maybe I should do a fic where someone gets fed to a Star Wars creature? Cept Yuuzhan Vong creatures, I dispise them with all of my heart facsimile After all, I've fed Quinn to the rancor...

Uni is being annoying. I've no idea when I have to go in and I haven't had any letters of other info e-mailed or regular mailed to me so I have no fucking idea what's happening. Sigh. I'm starting to think it's gonna be more trouble then it's worth, specially as I won't be there in most of November.

I'm in a random mood so I'm gonna do a cest thingie that I thought of last night.
Letocest: Jared/Shannon
Poyntercest: Dougie/Jazzie
Simpsoncest: Charlie/Will
Twincest: Benji/Joel
Waycest: Gerard/Mikey

Here endeth the cesty journey (I'd do tripcest but I really can't be bothered as I can't tell them apart at all :[), as well as my link-to-image-heavy post. I know some pics are old too, but, oh well.

Edited my info slightly as well.

Good boo.
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