August 30th, 2006

Jay Cock!

Ashes to ashes

Batterys are dying everywhere and the pod still is dead (well the last time I checked).

Worse still, I'm annoyed at fic. What happened to Ian was meant to only be one part, it's become two, now it looks as if it might be three. I don't want it to be three part killings, I want it to be one part killings. Gah!

If I have nothing more by bed the it will be.

I'm annoyed with myself too, for various reasons.

Catwoman is cool.

I'm gonna go off and smoke.

Things to do tommorrow: Get Kerrang
See Kel, cause she's bringing dvds back
be awake early for any mini's

Not in that order of course

Edit: That's great Stuie. set fire to your hair instead of the fucking ciggy!
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Waycest Stare

What To Do With The Dead Part 4

What To Do With The Dead
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Mikey/Gerard: Mikey/Ian
Notes: It's very AU and will have crossovers
Warnings: I don't really know how to describe so... gory stuff.
POV: Mikey
Fandoms: MCR/Lostprophets
Dedications: antontobias86 (very very especially for this part, she=my main inspiration for it) imyournobody Emo!Tom courtesy of w0rds0fl0ve and khitlerbitch
Disclaimer: not mine/not real etc
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Jay Cock!

If it's alien it's ours!

Feel better then my last post. Smoking at the comp feels good though.

I gave up trying to add more to fic, so posted as-is. By the end of the next part though, Ian will be dead.

Got up at almost 11. No mail today cept a loada crap. Including a credit card application thing. Sigh.

I went to the Co-op about 10 minutes after waking, simply to get Kerrang. it wasn't as good as I thought it would be, but it had Bullet, a giant Panic! poster and MCR (though I hate what they sad in the review.. at least there's pictures).

Anyway, soon after I was back Kel came, dropping off my Buffy dvds and showing me hilarious Enterprise outtakes. I missed talking to her.

Errol's an arse though. He's so paranoid he makes Mulder look sane. At least we're rid of hm now. Huzzah!

The computer shop here can't fix the pod sigh. I have to look into other places. Still, I'm getting an mp3/CD player tommorrow, so...

Had block for fic so no writing yet.

I've decided that, cause mum's pissed me off so much and not even called ONCE since leaving, I'm going to, one day, buy the flat and then evict her. She's hardly here anyway so it'll make so few difference.

Doctor Who is love. Beyond it actually. Torchwood is too. I wanna see it. Doomsday is tommorrow which I think's the best one.

So much is out September 11th/12th. It scares me.

What else? I know there's something else...

Nutella+Peanut butter=love

Got a little visitor now. Ickle kitty Tom! He's so cutess
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Jay Cock!

To you

Happy birthday to Ryan! *sings it* He's 20 today :D Yay! *loves him*

*pets Mikey*

Edit: I caught a spider and fed it to my fly trap :D
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