August 29th, 2006

Gerard Mikey do me!

The Black Parade

Countdown to Welcome To The Black Parade being played on radio: 6 days. I'm far afr too excited about the album, even though it's not out for months. There's not a single album in the next few months that makes me as excited as this one does.

I like hugging.

What i don't like is how my dvd player isn't multi-region and how my pod still won't play.

Good thing: Got inspiration so I'm writing.

Very good things: Mini's came! HEEE! They're all so pretty and love.

imyournobody's fic is sex. Sex sex sex sex sex!

Promo for a comm that's not mine for once :P

Note to self: Do that Star Wars GOY vid at some point

Edit: Yay! I found Murder Scene!
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KOTOR HK-47 Query

You're dead!

Found my MCR voucher or the online store. I then proceeded to order 6 MCR tee's, The Black Parade tee, a hat, a tie and stuff for baby. So now I have another week's worth of MCR tee's :D Even though it's coming from America, it still works out cheaper then getting them from here :p

shebangsthedrum is my saviour! Now I can stop looking for the dvd :D

My notebook cover is all cool and melty.

Baby's doing thing's with nutella, marshmellow fluff and peanut butter. Tis yum

*returns to fic writing*

Edit: I feel random. So, comemnt with a pic/pics of your fav pairings of.. well anything.
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    My Chemical Romance - The Ghost Of You