August 15th, 2006

Jay Cock!

Gotta catch em all

I have the Pokémon theme in my head.


I bought the boxsets of seasons 1-3 off e-bay. Sure, they're not real, but when the crap will be get them? I've waited 8ish years for them to do it... ok, well 7. Ok, well really waiting for dvds 2, but that's cause everything's being dvded, so why hasn't Pokémon? In my opinion it shoulda been done sooner then now. But.. sigh.

I wanna do a Pokémon movie marathon.

Anyway... went to the Garden center today, looked for a mantis but they had none ;( I want some tetras. They're tiny little fish and oh so pretty. Most have this neon strip along their sides that lights up which is so cool. And they're only 50p each! Wanting one has nothing to do with a Zelda character of the same name I wish I had my tank still...

Had some sweets from the sweet shop and baby got my a venus fly trap (which has to be the coolest plant ever)

I've found I can't really sleep on the floor that well, so whenever I'm meant to sleep on the floor I stay up.

Trying to write.. again.
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Waycest Stare

What To Do With The Dead Part 2

What To Do With The Dead
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Mikey/Gerard (for this part)
Notes: It's very AU and will have crossovers
Warnings: Necrophilia, death, gore, scat
POV: Mikey
Fandoms: MCR/mentions of others
Dedications: antontobias86 jockstrap_girl Emo!Tom courtesy of w0rds0fl0ve and khitlerbitch
Disclaimer: not mine/not real etc
Notes 2: Apologies for the delay
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ROTS Anakin Insides

You won't here a sound

I'm so fucking pissed off with the mods at MCR slash. Regardess of whether part 2 is rejected or not I'm never posting there again. Makes me wanna snap some necks

Mum's pissed me off today with moaning.

Mario kart's pissed me off cause I get chucked in the lava each fucking lap.

Must think happy fucking thouts.

Panic! next week

At least I got the Master Sword in Animal Crossing

Wolverhampton tommorrow.

Edit; it's now on it's forth fucking attempt. Forth!! WTF?

Edit 2: Make it five

Edit 3: And it's finally through
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