August 8th, 2006

Jay Cock!

Brother, my brother

Yesterday was Walsall.

Got Hostel and both Panic! singles from HMV, but they didn't have Dir En Grey :( Got Wacky Races and baby two things from Asda, then got jelly Beans and dvds (The Interpreter, and The Closet [not about gayness]) from Blockbuster. Oh, and an Anakin fig from TK.

Traded in Worms for Animal Crossing, which is so adorable < 3 Got some Star Wars minis and a Doctor Who poster from the sci-fi shop. Yay for getting Maul and Grievous figs. Got some Pokemon cards with the cutest Ditto's in so I must get the other 7 from the set.

Got the Lostprophets wallet and a dvd that looks gory but I can't remember it's name :[ Got two Doctor Who figs from Tesco: Cassandra and a CYBERMAN :D Only the second time I've seen it and first was twice the price.

Finally got Knights Of The Old Republic (but it's the second one) from the game shop, for £9.99 which is cheap.

I spent most of my money though :[ I can't work out how... so I have hardly any for Wolverhampton. :(

Everywhere Will And Grace is £40.. or they don't have a price on. I want it. Cause it's the last one.

When we got home we found something horrible. Hostel still had the security tag in it (yet it set off no alarms). It's about 2-3 inches long and skewers the whole dvd case.. it had to be broken to get rid of it. Ugh.

Hostel=< 3 though.

Watched Mysterious Skin, which I liked. Hot guys in it. But the rape made baby sad :(

Need new batteries for mouse, sigh. Gonna put my writing cap on to write later.
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