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July 23rd, 2006

Jay Cock!

My place is with my people

By now, I'm sure you all know what utter... wonderfulness happened last night.

Pre-show, however, was less wonderful.

The hotel was shit.

We got there (at Soho) at about 11, got turned away because we weren't regulars. So we took the tickets back to the bar for a refund (with hot gayness) and waited. And waited.

By half 12 we were back outside the Astoria. While we waited baby saw a lesbian she liked. ;) But she had a GF sob. We sat on a step-thing and... the bald guard took pity on us and let us in (making us the first no regulars). Within ten minutes there were two Kylie songs played.

The whole place is so.. wow. We were upstairs, looking down on the dancefloor and there were gay guys and lesbians making out, dancing, balloons, hot guys topless. Twas amazing. I thought we'd died outside and that it was heaven.

They played such weird songs. Some made me think back to my youth. Spice Girls. Aqua. Steps. And I still knew the words.

The toilets have all these hair care products and stuff, which is weird.

When I got back from them though, I got my ass groped. I didn't see who it was, but it wasn't baby. Weee!

Just before Mcfly came on, one of the organisers said we should encourage them to strip.

They played:
5 Colours (with Doug doing a Don't Cha bit in it)
Dougie swore in between 'Fuck, cock, cunt shit, bollocks'
That Girl (Danny humped and licked Tom, then spanked Dougie and at the end said That Guy)
Don't Stop Me Now
All About You (The normal mike sharing)
Last, was Please, Please

Where they were asked to strip. They stripped to their boxers (after Tom negotiating) and Dougie was oh so eager, then performed. Harry perved.

After, Tom, Danny and Doug, got rid of their instruments and stripped off their boxers, covering their bits (you can see them). Harry didn't, as by the time he got to the front, the others ahd gone :( SOB! Danny chucked his boxers into the crowd.

Topless Harry is sex

We left soon after but weeee!

Didn't see Katie, but it's a fairly big place, and with the lights it was hard to see:[

The hotel was shit, couldn't sleep. Today we went to Forbidden Planet and I spent loads on Star Wars, Pokemon cards and a remote control dalek. Got The New Essential Guides To Vehicles And Vessels. Had sushi today.

(Mary-Clare, did you know there's an SG booook?)

Jay Cock!

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