June 27th, 2006

ROTS Anakin Ruminations

Town called hypocrisy

Note to anyone getting the new Lostprophets album: If you're paying more then £9 for it you're getting ripped off.

As I looked for it today in Cannock I went in three places: Asda, Smiths and Woolworths. Scarily the price was the same in all three. £8.99/97. That's scary for two reasons:
*Normally it's a different price in all three
*It's a brand new album

So, yeah, get it from there.

Tommorrow I'll be in Birmingham. In a few days I'll be in Dunton Green again. And from then on I'll be in Bluewater, Bromley, Camden, London and Sevenoaks. Meaning that I won't be on as much.

The poodle's are gone :(

And cause I didn''t get a chance to say goodbye I ordered more Star Wars
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