June 17th, 2006

Jay Cock!

Make beauty stay if I...

I need to find mum's card again to sort out the paid account so I can have more icons

Last night, while I was downstairs smoking, I saw this little kitty that was black with a white spot under it's chin. It looked scared and skittish, so I came back up, looked for kitty food (found none) and took it some milk. Which it immediately lapped up hungrily. Later I checked on it again, and, worried for it's safety, let carried him into the building and shut him in. He looked so scared (like he was lost or something was after him) so I figured he was better off indoors till daylight. I took him an old pillow so he had something to slleep on too.

...I'm not soppy.

Ian was on Popworld < 33!!

Please, Please vid today, so expect a less cohesive post then.
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Jay Cock!

Motion in the oceannn


Someone do smut
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