June 15th, 2006

Fightstar!Dan/Charlie Reach

Label makers

Today I was in Birmingham... again.

Why? To get grandad's father's day present. Which was whiskey with a personalised label.

Never ever use a labell maker. It took 5 times to get it right. Five! Sigh.

After that I wondered round, got Kerrang and two tuby things for mum's playgroup, paid in Janeyfers cheque, then went to Walsall.

Walsall has no Mcfly wristbands. Walsall sci-fi shop has no Kit. Walsall Woolworths has hardly any Star Wars.

But what Walsall does have...

Walsall Ottakars has Lost Souls recommended. Walsall Sci-fi shop has the new Champions of The force Minature sets. walsall Music Zone has not only the Panic! At the Disco tee that sold out at GIAN in five seconds, but also it has the Lostprophets wallet and MCR belt < 333 That means I can try and get when I go and get Rooftops next week < 33 YAY! or try to anyways.

So now I have pepsi, am plotting which to buy and listening to AFI.

AFI=LOVE! I've been listening to them all day. A good way to get me listening to anyone? Compare them to MCR or reference MCR in an interview to them.

That's all I think. Ryan < 3 and Tom are in Kerrang this week... perdy Ryan..

Edit: How did I forget Yo! sushi had a 50% off thing? AGAIN!
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