June 12th, 2006

Fightstar!Dan/Charlie Reach

And I'll attack


I've pondered usurping fightstarslash for awhile now, cause of it's general elitism. At first it seems good intentioned: to stop the fandom being pollutted by Busted-centric fics and non-slash Fightstar fans, but in the end it's verrry badly done. The result is that the fandom is inaccessable, almost unheard of, impossible to join and takes forever to post anything.

Like I say, anything that fucks up a fandom that badly pretty much destroys it. And with Fightstar being new it's destroyed before it got the chance to take off.

I don't like how everything has to be moderated. Join, you have to be moderated. Post, you have to be moderated. It's made the fandom very very small. Something that, considering charlie came from the much bigger fandom of Busted, is surprising.

So anyone that wants to join, go ahead. No moderation of absolutely every thing there will be.

It's one of those nights where I'm restless again.
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Jay Cock!

Oriental footballers

I can't be arsed to do a proper post, so I'll bullet point everything:
*Japanese footballers are hot. Beyond hot, they are sex
*Bloody Australians
*Thunder is bad
*Cause it scares me
*We have no pepsi
*Heat is bad
*Why didn't I know Bullet had a single out today?
*Mcfly's single cover=loves
*I want AFI's single
*I blame Popworld
*And the one with the blonde streak
*Porn is blah
*Cause there was only one hot guy
*And no cum
*I want Oriental porn
*Duncan signing tommorrow
*Mum's coming too
*Sigh I hope she don't embaress me
*I need a Duncan icon
*And to rid block
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