June 11th, 2006

Jay Cock!

Want to fall

I'm really, insanely lax at reading fics, especially ones that were posted in my absence, so if there's any I've missed that you'd think I'd like, send this way.

I've had the pod on all night downloading music from here. (I've had to erase it all of it so I don't get two of everything) Now, although I've had in on since Doctor Who, it's only just started doing the Star Wars soundtracks... and it's not even half done.

Speaking of Doctor Who, how brilliant was it last night? And how strange does next week's look with the apparent lack of Doctor?

I still have the blokc of doom, still want to do a fic with Delonge and still warm. *craves a Tom icon*

Edit: Mcfly on TOTP today :D First time I'll be hearing the song (I purposely held off hearing it till today)
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Jay Cock!

Hot japanese guys in shorts

The World Cup is like the Eurovision song contest: some countries make you go WTF where is that?? I talk about the world cup cause it turns out I'll be watching a small number of the matches: for hot orientals running around in shorts.

Now if that isn't incentive to watch I don't know what is.

G-P0, you're in Germany, are yous close enough to insert a cam into the Japanese changing rooms?

Still too hot. Still have block.

The laptop's relocated to nan's, so I can go on it when I'm there, but I won't be able to be online so..

Adding icons today < 3
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