May 30th, 2006

ROTS Anakin Force choke


Why is there not much/no sushi in Tesco and M And S here whenever we go to get some? It's annoying.

Alternate ending for Revenge Of The Sith = squeefull love!

We watched Jet Li films yesterday... well, two (Unleashed and Kiss Of The Dragon). He's hottness!

So, I'm still here, 10 days after I was due to first go, and I still don't wanna leave. Oddly, I like it here and it feels... homey. It's weird, normally after 2 weeks of being in a place I wanna go back home, but here I don't. It's strange.

Speaking of home I'm wondering weather to go back for Fightstar. However, it means two things:
*Going home between tomorrow and Monday
*She might be there...

I'm requested someone to see if she is and to see if I have anything to fear from her prescence (I won't even bother going if I know she's pissed at me). So I'll wait till I know that before I do anything.

Shop today and I might be getting paid again which is yay cause money = love. I might poke my baby to go town tommorrow cause I want Kerrang to stroke insanely.

Anyone on the offical Mcfly boards, could you PM the people with theee unblurred Doug/Dan pic? Pweeese.

And we're in an alternate universe where Matt isn't number 1

Edit: SQUEE SQUEE SQUEE! Popjustice asked Matt my question! 'Who's bigger you or James?'

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