May 28th, 2006

MM Skull Kid Defeat me?

Turbo tank

Yesterday was amusing cause I terrified Joanna mwhahah! I'm evil. It twas fun though.

Most of yesterday was spent on Revenge Of The Sith, plotting how to kill fRankie and planning Star Wars fic.

I also did a bit to Matt fic so I might have something to post today.

I edited some of my icons as well < 3

I finally played Resident Evil 3 today. I got quite far and I hate the fucking zombie dogs!

I'm copying baby's Busted singles. In Sleeping With The Light On, the tour one, there's Matt/Charlieness in the thing.

Which reminds me... I need a Busted icon...

Tesco= evils.

Mikey-glasses=unnatural :(
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