May 26th, 2006

Jay Cock!


So, finally, here's pics pour le Matt signage.
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After post I made we watched Valiant (which is funneh) and then Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy was confusing but Kadaj and Cloud = hotnessness. I need to watch again to fully understand, though the kids in it scare me.

I'm still working on fic.. it's taking awhile though.

Today was spent at the shop, which was really... weird. Everything was all tense and weird between baby and her mum until they talked near the end of the day. I helped by putting stuff on shelves and was paid for it!

At first baby thought her mum wouldn't pay me so she asked her dad, but just before closing her mum told her dad 'I'd worked hard' and 'desevered to be paid'. Yay!

So now I have money.

Queer As Folk Us = sex. Shaun Of The Dead = funneh

New icons needed=Brain from QAF US, Kadaj, Miyavi, Hailfire droid, Matt

I called mum at half ten and we talked for a bit. The phone bill's £200 :[. And a stramnge number keeps calling :/ And she wants me home soon. I said I'd go Saturday, but I'll call and say there's buy/full buses.

I don't want to go.

I like it here.

I'm used to it here.

My baby cried when I told her :( I loves her

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Mikey Oh Gee

Invisible Hand

Today we went to Bromley. The sci-fi shop is LOVE!!! Gods I coulda lived there the amount of Star Wars they had! They even had stuff from when I was small and it reminded me of what some collectors say: going into a sci-fi shop makes you feel like a kid again. I swear I touched every Star Wars thing there was! No Kit sadly, but it was all < 3

I didn't buy anything after spending about half an hour there, but when we went back later I got a General Grievous and a Lushros Dofine. One had a Darth Maul holo and one had a Vader one. Grievous = not best stander so I'm glad he has a base.

We went around everywhere, got yummeh sushi from M and S, got Idiot Pilot and Ringu from Virgin. Plus I got Danny's band thing D Baby got Doug's and Tom's too. Doug's is perdy.

Went to Ottakar's and SQUEE! An MCR book I've never seen or even heard of. It's red and perdy and *strokes it* Mikey= hot and perving on his brother.

Baybee got 'something' from Ann Summers.

I got Soul Calibur from Game (but saw it for a fiver less later). It has Link who is sexxx!

The buses are bastards cause we waited for an hour and a half for one to come. Grrr

Baybee wants a Grievous/Kit fic. I think she's odd :P

*drinks Pepsi and writes porn*
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