May 21st, 2006

Jay Cock!

It's the pens, I've got to get rid of the pens

Last post was Thursday, so I have three days to fill in.

Thursday night was... eh. Not going into it.

Friday was spent doing... mainly games and random films. Gods, I can't even remember what we watched, except the end of Death Watch, Pokemon: Mewtwo Returns and the start of Life As A House. All of which were goood.

I finally fouund a kink thing to my liking: 50kinkyways, but I decided I couldn't do Matt. 50 fics of Matt... I couldn't do it. So after a lotta thought, I put in Busted. That way, I can do James/anyone, Charlie/anyone as well as Matt/anyone. Hence, mucho variety. (The table'll be soon).

Yesterday went slow, until the night of uncomfortableness. We had to go to this party (I record Doctor Who and Em recorded the trust thing, neither of which we've watched yet) and ugh.

We ended up holed up in this sauna room the entire time (it's not as good as it sounds), only leaving twice (to get food) with people coming in every five minutes to use the toilet and mock our no-eating-meatness. Due to, well, largely boredom, I ended up rambimg about my past specifically targetting the bad points. Ugh, I swear I got through all but the two most recent (ie eating disorder and Sarah). I rambled about school and Sam and Rob and everything, even things no one else knows because I'd vowed to keep it secret, she knows.

Her uncle scares me a lot. Though I can, and will, blame the drink.

What the fuck happened at Eurovision?

Today's been spent in bed, playing games, watching Life As A House, Queer As Folk Uk, House Of A 1000 Corpses (and getting ideas) and The Phantom Millenium.

My baby is now practising guitar, hence, me down here.

Harry's gay and Dougie's bi.

Edit: Who's thee white haired guy from Final Fantasy: Advent Children? Kadaj, gods bless wikipedia

No word from home yet. I think they left me.

Not obsessed with Pokemon again... honest
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