May 14th, 2006

Jay Cock!

There's a picture in my wallet



I'm not obcessed.

Yesterday was spent watching Ichi The Killer (which was ewwy in bits), Idle Hands (which amused me), playing PS2 games (Star Wars: Battlefront and Lord Of The Rings) and watching Doctor Who which is < 3

Ichi was ewwy in parts (and this is coming from me) and there was this woman that spoke Enease (Japanese and English, she'd start a sentance in one and switch mid-sentance). I hid in ickle's shoulder several times.. :[

Doctor Who was scary but the gay one was in it and was on his knees in front of a near-naked Mickey..

Ickle is all smushy and < 3

My Kit and Anakin figures are out the boxes and have shagged. Topless Kit is SEX!! So what if he's a green Nautolan from Glee Anselm, he's hottt!

Yaoi vids=sex. Pokemon Puzzle Challenge=simple. Confusing GP0=priceless

Thee Empire At War Expansion is EEE! IG assasion droids! Super Star Destroyer! Droideka! The Maw! Hypori!

I have a feeling that there's something I'e got to do but I've forgot...

Circus today!

I love Emily < 3
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