May 13th, 2006

Jay Cock!

All the Harry's!

I'm finally here, after two buses, a loooooooooong coach trip... three trains and a short walk. Yay!

Before I left home the comp arrived, so I'll be playing with that whenever the hell I can be bothered to go home.

My bags kept falling off my shoulders whenever I walked. Ebils!

Anyway, I'm here now yayness!

I got here at 7ish, got smushed then went to my baby's home where I got a tour where I met Scampi and Chips, who are both mad and I think they like me. My baby's so ickle and cutes! We had pizza, then came back and I got my pressie of perdy Kit and perdy Anakin and chocolate and R2 PAINTING :D

We played Lego Star Wars for hours with lotsa cuddling and smushing. I love it here and I love my baybee. We stayed up till 5 smushing and cuddling and nsuggling and killing things and STUDS!

I'm random..

Matt was on Popworld. YOU COULD SEE HIS PENIS! And he had weird pointy shoes.

There's a gay anthem thing on TMF which has had Steps, Cher, Kylie and ABBA.


I love my ickleness
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