May 9th, 2006

Jay Cock!

Worldwide ejaculation!

I'm still trying to get the gamee working right. I've tried everything that's been suggested and I've found out that the game designers know about the problem and are 'working on it.' That fills me with confidence.

I half half a mind to send a fleet of TIE bombers on a bombing run to 'convince' them to work faster.

I may sound like an evil Imperial but if I really was in the Star Wars Universe I'd be Seperatist or Mercenary.

Just My Luck is out so find it. I'm interested if it's any different.

I've tried to fic, but frustration makes it slow mustn't do JayJudd/JayWilliams

No driving lesson today as the instuctor's broke the car (again, filling with confidence much?).

The plumber's been cause the toilet broke, which meant he had to go on all four's to mess with the water. Dreamysigh. He was pretty.

Now I'm going to unlock the Venator-class Star Destroyer and kick Rebel ass
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