May 4th, 2006

Jay Cock!

It rain's in heaven all day long

So Lucasfilm have finally folded and the original versions of the original trilogy will be out on two discc editions in September.

The date that they're out weirds me though.

The 12th.

So that's:
May 12th
September 12th
November 12th

Anything else gonna happen on the 12th?

And now I go to watch the Lego Star Wars 2 Trailer
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Jay Cock!

Aren't hands strange? They're like feet, but on your arms!

I love The Smoking Room < 3 It's brilliant. I love Robin < 3 He's so gay.

I think I'm gonna get Empire At War from amazon cause it looks gooood and is less then half price! Lego Star Wars 2=loves! It looks brilliant!

I think I might edit some icons...

I'm trying to write again.. my comp's died twice... a sign?

Edit: Poyntercest..

Edit 2: Anyone know where I can find a fic?

It had two parts, the first Matt killed Dougie, the second Dougie was dug up by James/Charlie/Harry/Danny/Tom and they fucked his corpse.

I can't find it...
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    The Smoking Room