May 3rd, 2006

Jay Cock!

Standing on the rooftops everybody scream your heart out

I got Kerrang today, which, although it lacks posters, I had to get. Why? For the Give It A Name review of course (which does seem stupid considering I was there but shush). MCR were clearly the best (and it has two biggish pics of Gerard in a blazer thing, one looking angry and the other with his tongue out). It also has a pic of Ian but it's before he took his white jacket off but you can still see his gun tatts. The really cool thing is that the review was done on Saturday so MCR/Panic! was London and Lostprophets/Aiden/Angels was Manchester which is insanely cool cause I WAS THERE!!


There's also a 25 emo song thing, of which I have 7. (Which again brings up a thought Nina posed about Blue being emo..)

At the back is Padge (who is hot, sweaty and has an odd blue sky behind him..).

Pete Wentz is in pink (I haven't read the interview yet) and Lostprophets have a thing about their new stuff (which is < 3 from what I heard). Oh how privelged I feel to know I've heard new stuff.

Guys with revolvers (and other hand-held guns) are hot (unless they're Avenged).

I'm trying to write but the words aren't coming and I feel the intense need to have fics posted in at least half a dozen fandoms before I go next Friday (Panic!, Mcfly, SOD, MCR, Lostprophets, Good Charlotte..)

El sigh.

I've got an aplication form for a, shock-horror, job. It's at the Co-Op which is just around the corner. Woo!

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