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April 27th, 2006

Jay Cock!

No one ever suspects the butterfly

Today I woke up late, so I missed this morning. I almost didn't go, but with no angel, and a need to get my bus pass and manga night tickets, I went.

I ended up going back to the main campus twice causa the bus pass, so by the time I got there for the lesson there was only half an hour left and I was tired.

I did what I needed though, got the ticket's, mum's card and my new pass.

I ended up walking back with Katie. She's amusing and weird, like me. Her cousin looks like a clone of my baby, only male. (She shown me the pic after seeing a pic of my baby).

We walked back and talked about random things and perved on a hot hospital mover guy. She's seen fighting llamas! That's so cool. We walked round town for a bit cause we missed the bus and discussed music in Music Zone and DVDs. I saw a poster of Darth Vader that was made up of lots of little pictures which is so cool. We saw two MCR posters and I pointed out how Gerard has the same sort of sunglasses as Mikey's glasses. Coincidence? I think not. She's jealous I'm going to GIAN and wishes she could go.

We ended up riding on the same bus a bit. She's so random. Apparently there's MCR converse, but I can't find em.. wibble.

I got two bottles of Pepsi for £1.49 from Co-op on the way home. YAY!

I watched Episode 3 with my angel last night (well, by with I mean we watched it at the same time and I commented random things) it twas brilliant < 3
Jay Cock!

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