April 3rd, 2006

Jay Cock!

But the infernal nightcloak filled our skies with black blood and swallowed the moon we worshiped

I didn't go to sleep till about 4ish, so I watched Taking Lives. It was alright I guesss, Kiefer was in it for all of what, 5 minutes. But there was blooood.

I reordered Alien Autopsy from HMV cause it was cheaper and Amazon says it would take 4-6 weeks to ship. WTF??

I'm playing Pokemon obsessively.

I got up about half an hour ago and I'm glad I did. About 10 minutes after I woke up I got a package. Precioussss Star Wars boooks! And Heroine.

I've only flicked through both books but something immediately struck me when I flicked through The New Essential Guide To Weapons And Technology. Unlike all the other essential guides I have or have seen this one is full colour! That may not seem like a lot, but none of the others have ever had any colour inside their pages. It's so pretttty!
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Jay Cock!

Too close to the system

Mum. Is. Annoying.

So, yesterday she's messing on my mobile and finds my baby's number, then asks 'Who is she?' and then goes on to assume she's my girlfirend (so what if she's right that's not the point here). Then today grandad comes over to mess with the new washer and I find she's told him. !FCFCDHGFDHVB!V!!!!!!!! Annoying woman!

I was meant to be writing today but washer messing annoyed me so I retreated into my room.

I love my blood lusty angel.

Now I've found out Resident Evil DS is out now. *craves it* Le sigh.

Any icon makers bored and want to make me icons of this post? Curse him for being pretty.

Still no word about my wallet. Maybe it was handed in the t'other police station.

Charlie on the Buzzcocks tonight!

I go now to finish writing.

Oh! And anyone wanna make me some Resident Evil icons? I'll send pics *nod*
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