March 23rd, 2006

Jay Cock!

Well tonight

Yes, I'm here again instead of college...


It's cause I went back to sleep... again.

I'm going in this afternoon.

I'll go to HMV when I get to Walsall. Mmm...

X-Files Season 8 and 9 came yesterday. I'm watching them to make sure that they're ok and don't need replacing (like Season 6 did).

Finally the Showcase site puts the list up for tommorrow:

Big Momma's House
Chicken Little
Date Movie
Final Destination 3
The Hills Have Eyes (2006)
Inside Man
Last Holiday
Lucky Number Slevin
The Pink Panther (2005)
The Ringer
V For Vendetta
Walk The Line

I definately wanna see Hostel, so it's bolded. Out of the others... well, I dunno which to sneak into. So.. err... yeah.

Fics to do (for my own reference pretty much):
*Eddie's Song (Standalone - near finished)
*Night Drive (Chaptered - 2 parts max left)
*Riding In Cars Wiith Boys (Chaptered - unknown)
*Tie Me To A Chair (Chaptered - unknown)
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Jay Cock!

Swelled up from the rainclouds

I. Hate. Today.

I almost missed the bus and, when I got on it I was annoyed by the insanely obnoxious girls at the front that talked so fucking loudly. In the rush to escape them (after being on the bus for an hour grr) I heard a thimp, but thought nothing of it.

I went to HMV, then Asda, pondering getting Van Helsing, Constantine (from Asda) and Saw, Fight Club (from HMV). The 3 for £20 dvds were now in with the others so I couldn't find them, plus no Heroine. I thought of baby when I saw all the Star Wars dvds cheap.

Anyway, in Asda I went to the till with Constantine, then felt in my pockets.

My fucking wallet had fell out on the bus.

I went to the bus garage, in the bloody unatural heat and waited 20 minutes for them to check, but alas, nothing. They gave me a number to call which I will soon. If they don't have it then I can't see Hostel.

In college, I did fuck all. But Katie was there. Katie's funny. I found out that Walsall has a sex shop. Katie ssays she's gonna try and do me a copy of Heroine :')

Something happened in the town center, so the buses were later. BAH!

Least my baby's on...

Edit: Just called the number, they said to call in the morning. :(

Edit 2: I just got a call from Blockbuster. Someone's found my wallet and called them cause my Blockbuster card was in it :D YAY!
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