March 15th, 2006

Jay Cock!

Gotta make this last

Things (some oof which annoy me):
*That I couldn't sleep for an hour last night
*That I was already awake at 7 this morning
*That, even so, I've missed the first two buses to college and will definately be late
*That I'm pondering going at 10 to 12 instead of going in half a lesson
*That I can't decide
*That I want to replace an icon with Simon/Harry but can't decide which to lose
*That LJ only lets you have 6 icons
*That blows, in a bad way
*That a paid account is, well, paid
*That I can't write/rewrite Night Drive
*That I won't post Eddie's Song due to pride (which ironically is the promt) that I said it'd be a standalone, even though it's as long as two or three chapters of Night Drive already and it isn't even finished
*That I'm proud of Eddie's Song and that I've kept the pairing under wraps for so long
*That Eddie's Song still isn't finished
*That I couldn't think of a word for balls last night so pestered everyone who was online
*That I couldn't think of another word on my own
*That I haven't seen the fourth MCR clip yet, though it's been up for two days
*That I'd see it now but I won't cause Eddie's Song ain't finished
*That Simon wanted to 'make love' to Tom and Danny
*That he probably did
*That I have at least 20 fics planned, though most of them are listed just as the pairing
*That I keep adding to that list every week
*That I think I'm in love
*That that's weird
*That I almost closed my GJ
*That I've decided not to go in till lunch
*That I know Lisa's nice and will understand
*That I'm babbling cause this was only meant to be a handful of point thing
*That I'm done now
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