March 7th, 2006

Jay Cock!

Waste a moment

Why only now am I finding out there's a fightstarslash comm?

I hope there's Dan/Charlie fics there, I have a real bad craving for that pairing. (And if I don't get my craving dealt with I may hot someone.)
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    The X-Files
Jay Cock!

The angels just cut out her tongue

The X-Files and Pokemon arrived today. Yay! I've watched a few X-Files already. You gotta love it, being creepy and strange and gorey and blooooood. Not that I've only watched the bloody eps... honest.

Only two weeks till MCR's dvd! Woo! Clips of it are on the site and it's so cool. Hmv has it listed at £15.99, which is good. I'm getting it on the release date, even if I have to stab people in the eyes for it.

Haighwick is love! Well, not so much love so much as hot sex. Ah the medium of slash, how many band members names has thee taught me?

Speaking of I'll be getting the single tommorrow. I'll probably get the single from HMV, then spend some more money in Music Zone. Possibly getting Lacuna Coil/Idiot Pilot/Hawthorne Heights, whichever I see first/is best.

Anywayyy, I have 6 wordpads open for fics. In total today I have wrote zero words. Damn ye block.

Mum burned my pizza :(

I made Janeyfer ubersquee!

Anyone that can get where I got the last bit of Part 12 of Night Drive from gets a cookie (cept Rose :P)
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