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February 15th, 2006

Jay Cock!

And if they get me...

Bah. Uni tommorrow. I don't wanna go to thee stupid open day. El sigh.

Inspirations for Night Drive so far: the song Night Drive (naturally), Audition and Queen Of The Damned. So far.

I found out today I have an old account on a gay dating thing. (To give an idea of it's age it had my age in the profile as 16 and that my favorite band was Blue). So I tweaked it. I got a mail on it from someone named nealp, who I have a very sneaking suspicion is college Neil. Which, if it is him, it means my gaydar truely is shit.
Jay Cock!

Sun goes down

Before I start I'd like to make two random observations:
1: It disturbs me that in the It's Hot SOD interview they have to bracket and explain who Steps were. IT MAKES ME FEEL OLD DAMNIT! CAUSE I KNEW WHO THEY WERE, KNEW THE WORDS, DANCES AND SAW THEM LIVE
2: Is that Chris in the Busted dvd?

Another thing, I was on SOD secrets on LJ and saw this. For about five seconds I thought I'd submitted it in my sleep but no, someone else did it! THEY READ MY MIND!


On to today.

Uni wasn't as boring as I thought it'd be. It's actually really cool. It has a Pastoral place (for spiritual and emotional stuff), a massive library, a Waterstones, a shop that sells night vision webcams, a football court-thingie, a hairdressers and at least 3 internet cafes. The computers are even better then the ones at the main college campus cause they're all flat screen and ohhh.

Most of the group that was interested in media were female, which is odd as most of my college group are guys. Still, the guys were hot so...

I think I might do Japanese as an elective one of the years (cause I'll be there for 3). So... we'll see. There's a lot of steps.

Before Uni I had a Macdonalds cause I was hungry. As in really hungry, the past few days/weeks my food intake has plummeted. Most days I don't bother with breakfast or even lunch. Eep.

I intended on getting one X-Files thing today, the magazine with the two dvds, but I got something much better. WH Smiths is doing a sale so now instead of being £30+ you can get an X-Files (and Roswell/Firefly/Millenium) for £14! Bargin! I finally used my Smiths gift card to get one.

There was 1, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 and I couldn't pick between 5 and 6. Eventually I picked 5 cause it's got Bad Blood, Chinga and Kill Switch. I'm gonna see if they have one at Smiths in Cannock Friday and if they do, get what they have. Woop!

Travel plans. I can't go to Belgium before April (meaning I can't go). I can't go to the slash thing either. After April, there's gonna be a lull in travel till summer. So between now and some I'm only going to college, GIAN and Wolverhampton/Birmingham at the furthest. UNLESS there's 'special circumstances'. That translates as a Mcfly or MCR signing being the exception to the rule (at least till April).

Summer=some travel.

All, that is.
Jay Cock!

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