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May 25th, 2005

Mikey Oh Gee

I have bought peace to my new Empire

Note: Most of this is days old:P

Dreamysigh. I spent all morning oggling, saving and making icons of MCR pics I hunted down came across. Gee/Mikey is teh sex.

I'm having a very off period on Frankie. Hence his Dooku-like execution in Blade You Stain. If I go off someone that generally means I end up having them slaughtered. Ruthlessly.

And I found out the name of the fic I based it on. Twas called Seduced. It was all eww cause it had farmer boy Harry's tongue yanked out and his eyes. Eww.

I <3 Gee's red hair.

For some reason I'm so fucking sleepy. I fell asleep and missed the damn bus. Bah.

Sigh I wana curl up in bed and just sleep all day. Or watch Helena. Or watch Pokemon. Or play Pokemon. Meh.

I have 'creative issues' with my fics right now. Many Play and Will You and mainly cause I can't kill Frankie off in either.

Twisted? me? Of course not.

Meh why are people pressing teh door buzzer?

Mary the follow up will be posted when I return. Which'll be in like 4 hours. Or something. soon.

Meh I've missed the bus twice I can't be arsed to go. Even if I left on the next bus I'd be an hour late at least.

lmao! Gee is so funny! Why have I never watched these interviews before?

Gee: We like to sing about taboo subjects. Prison rape, sex with men, coming back from the dead.

Gee: We are not vampires!

Gee: See, we're wearing colours today.

He's bi. Gotta be.


I must see them.

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