May 3rd, 2004

Jay Cock!

I see Ant/Dunk people!

Yes you read right, Ant/Dunk. My next fic (after finishing the ones I'm on) will be Ant/Dunk. Let it be known that I'm still a Dunklee shipper, that will never change! It's just while I waslooking for Lee pics for the mood theme for l_ryan I noticed that Ant and Dunk were.... well gazing and touching each other more then normal. So while I still believe Dunklee, I'm also starting to think that Ant/Dunk is possible.
*hides from various objects being thrown*

Also I'm doing a Lee/Colin Farrell smutfic soon. Damn me for my writings! :D

*sigh* Also I'm entered for the Illyria ficathon run by ms_dollsome so I'll be kept busy. he he

And I love this song!! *plans to by Spice Girls Greatest Hits when they do it*
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Jay Cock!

*waggles hand in the air*

Evilness! I have to go to my cousins so all fics are on hold till I get back *dramatic sigh*

materialgirli Make It Happen part 3 should be up tonight or tomorrow. I've decided what the 'present' is :D

That's all really, I'll be back!
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Jay Cock!


I'm back, I'm alive! Yayness! That is all! :D

I'll rest awhile before writing though.
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