April 30th, 2004

Jay Cock!

Don't worry about me

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I'm not dead or dying. Distracted or distant. And I'm definately NOT having a sex change! Crazy people think I am but I'm not. If I seem that way... well whatever, see what you want. I'm fine, fully functioning in every area. (although I won't be next week) Don't anyone dare to patronise me. I'm not shagging my enemy just to feel. Or slicing myself open. So until those happen, don't worry.

*goes to type*
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Jay Cock!

Rah rah, woohoo

Got the date and time for my college interview. 9! Next Thursday! *insert displeased groan here* Why oh why! The only advantage I can see from this is that I can con the driver into buying me a cd/dvd of some sort.

Meh. Also gotta go to the opticians. *sigh* Like a bus, wait for ages then three come at once.

And I had a disturbing dream about my ex last night. :( (Yeah, free rape included!) Pah!
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