April 7th, 2004

Jay Cock!

Duncan James 25 today

It's no fair now you grow up to be so pretty. :pout:
But I guess you deserve it more. Wherever you are I wish you great happiness, (and sex, but whatever :p) and sucess in everything you do. Things get better, they always do, somehow. :)
Anyway, before I babble on about how good things can be rather then wahat they are. I shall stop and wish haoppy birthday, may there be many, many more :D
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Jay Cock!

It's not morally ambiguous if I slap you

My cousin is cooking! Oh lord, this cannot end well. I demand a CDC presence. :nods:

Done My Immortal, so now it's time to make with the fluff/smut he he

No matter how bad you thtink life is, it can't rain all the time

What is he, a weatherman? Did he swallow a few fortune cookies? Pah!

I'm gonna go play Zelda now, save the world, kill things, yada yada
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Jay Cock!

Oh the irony

Turns out my cousin is ill so I won't have to be the guinea pig for it *thanks every known deity*

I might see Kel later :D
Been playing on Zelda. Everyone on it must be insane. Fairys, oversized fish, sharks with metal noses....
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