March 29th, 2004

Jay Cock!


Your Ultimate Purity Score Is...
CategoryYour Score Average
Explored the pleasures of the flesh
Has yet to see self in mirror
Sex Drive 78.9%
The Pope is envious
Just go fuck something, okay?
Gayness 28.6%
At least one weekend of ecstacy
Fucking Sick92.9%
Refreshingly normal
You are 70.59% pure
Average Score: 72.7%

Lucky me eh? Although I'm slightly confused about the straightness/gayness

Although l_ryan can take advantage of the sex drive if he wants ;)
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Jay Cock!

Blue related dream

Finally a good dream!

Blue were performing on a stage at my school. For some reason I was sitting next to Lorne (from Angel) and I asked him what he could read from them singing. When they started he just smiled and said 'I know.'

After they performed Lee came past me and gave me a long stare, right into my eyes. Lorne just said, 'You go for it sweetpea.' lol

So off I went after him. There end the dream :D
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Jay Cock!

Lots to be proud about

Civil Partnerships bill is being arranged on Wednesday. What is it? Basically it puts gay and lesbian couples at equal standing with straights, including all the legal stuff :D

School was, well school. Sociology was too hot, again. I swear I almost fell asleep! *yawn* In ES there was only 3 of us, so there wasn't much to do. *sigh*

Oh and *points to icon* finally found the famous kiss pic! :D Thank yous!

Made more icons and now I'm working on both my fic and a solely Lee/Duncan mood theme :D

Busy, busy.

I'm wonderin if I should write more Blue smut, I mean U Wanna was well liked but I dunno...
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