March 19th, 2004

Jay Cock!

Blue goodness

They were on GM:TV this morning! Thanks vulcan_girl for the heads up.
They were on at 7:30, doin a little interview. Only thing was Duncan was oogling Antony through the whole thing! Why???
Second time, at about 9. Duncan was staring at Lee now. And Lee was staring back. Same during when they were performing. If they aren't in love, then I'm a chicken! Although maybe they haven't told each other how they feel, and if this is the case, then one of them deserves a slapping. I vote Duncan, since Lee has the excuse of being a bit stupid, but Duncan should see the signs. Just kiss for fuck's sake! Then shag! Do it for the puppies, do it for Christmas! Just do it!!!

*calms slightly*
Anyway Duncan is on next week as a co-presenter so yay!

Six Feet Under
Anyone else hate Lisa? Bring back Brenda! *makes banners and stuff*
And where is that woman that hung around with Ruth? (her name escapes me)
Gay paintball! he he Biggest laugh I had!:D
I have the suspicion that Clare's boyfriend is lying.

Last Sex and the City tonight, watch it!
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Jay Cock!

Ok, my brain, not working

While I was watching Six Feet Under last night, I seen an ad for a film. It had Dawn in the title and seemed vampiric. I know there was another one, Dawn of the Dead but that's not the one I'm interested in (not to say I'm not interested in it, I am I just wanna know bout the other on) It was only short, with blood and I remember it was an 18. So if anyone knows anything, I'd like to know.
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Jay Cock!

Kiss goddamnit!

Just seen them perform Breathe Easy. Could Duncan be any more obvious??? That's it, I'm slapping both of em! There's no excuse for them not noticing by now! Lee, Duncan, if you aren't fucking or something then uhhh! *prepares to slap both of them*
All they seem to do is stare and make eyes at each other. Sure it's cute and all, but they should at least freakin kiss! Do it, do it, do it!
Next video they do, they should be all smoochie, even if it's just one kiss. Or a hug. Or lying on top of each other half naked. or fully naked!
What, a guy can dream....

Side note:
Everyone that bought the Cha Cha Slide should be evicserated!
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