March 6th, 2004

Jay Cock!


They're on tv! he he Lee did this thing with cakes and ended up covered in them! :D
And they are so staring at each other! They are so in love! It's unbelieveably sweet! *feels inspired*

I'm sure Lee written this song for them!

Anyway they'll be answering questions soon, I would've rung but I don't think my questions would be right for a kids show!
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Jay Cock!

Blue (cont'd)

Lee broke an egg over the presenters head! Lee looks so cute!
Antony whispered to Duncan... hmmmm *is suspicious*
They're recording a new album and might go on tour! Ant in Grange Hill=funny! Simon has good ball control skills. :D

Lee's squirtting water! And now they go to CD:UK.
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Jay Cock!

Walk Away

Walk Away part 1
Pairing: Lee/Duncan
Rating: R
Warnings/Notes: Slash, angst, songfic
Disclaimer: I don't own em.

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Jay Cock!

*Insert evil laugh here*

chemy wants me to 'style' his hair at halloween he he he! :D He's gonna be my straight male doll, first I'll do the hair, then the clothes, then the shoes, maybe even make up! :D

Made a new Illyria icon. It's good to combine obcessions! Posted again at buffyecticons. I never realised I made so many icons! :D
Anyway at least Walk Away part 1 is done and posted everywhere.
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Jay Cock!

Teensy Thing

Anyone that reads my fics, I've added a little sidebar thing with a list of fics I'm working on and the fandoms they are part of. It's basically for reference purposes.

Well I'll be off now, writing :D

Also I've assigned someone to get Love Revolution Monday :D Yay!
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Jay Cock!


Finished Walk Away part 2, so I'll post it after I've had comments from people. Part 3 will begin when I have comments.
Watched The World Is Not Enough, Elektra is so cool! I'll have to go on Kel's bond game when she gets back!:D

Downloaded Hold On Me, it's good, in a strange way. Very 80s sounding, but it's good. :)

Also done some slashly Blue icons that can be found on blue_slash I'm using two of them myself :P

Oh and chemy there will be pictures when I do my thing :D
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