March 2nd, 2004

Jay Cock!


Seen two of the Spike eps: School Hard and Lie To Me. he he

Also watched the Opposite of Sex. It was cool! And one of em, I forgot his name, is so hot in it. he he

Anyway project BMT is gonna be started tommorrow, squee! :D

Gonna shower now, sigh.
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Jay Cock!

The goddess wakes

Kylie's on radio 1's Chris Moyles show! Lucky I decided to put the radio on. :D

I do hope she beats Peter Andre to number 1.

Well that's it for now, sigh. I'll start writing tonight, depending on the poll results. (Which look unanimous so far)
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Jay Cock!

I so didn't need this

I know it might not be the best thing to rely on the rumor mill but... I heard that, apparently, Gavin's engaged. And to make it worse she asked him! That bitch! If I ever see her....

The song seems apporpiate:
I'm hurt if that's what you want
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