February 29th, 2004

Jay Cock!


Do you think Lee would mind death by licking? Or does Duncan provide enough already? hmmm

Watching Kylie again, seen her 4 times today! :D I really need a life/boyfriend/hot guy chained to the bed! :P

I've decided I'm shopping Monday after school: getting the Spike DVD and Kylie's single :D

Posted Make it Happen part 2 on blue_slash, bustedslash and britslash. Phew I feel so busy. With all the icon making and all. But I still can't sleep.

Fuck I wish I'd let myself go that night..... sigh
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Jay Cock!

Dissecting anything positve

Kylie what a little trooper, performing even though she was sick :)

I've been thinkin about Sam too much. I'm begining to regret not taking the chance for us to have sex. After all, he's the only guy who's ever shown me any kind of affection for me. I feel all cut up inside again cause part of me hates letting the opportunity of being with a guy slip away so fucking easily. He said he loved me, and I just couldn't say it back. I feel less sure that I did the right thing now, I mean it's not like I'm getting offers and I've already done so much that's been wrong. I should have done it, said the word and got it over with. Let him be in me and lose ourselves. Yet I feel to embarresed tto pick up the phone and call him. I don't like making things happen. I just feel that he was the one person that could say they loved me, and held me in his arms and I couldn't even be with him. :(

I feel like such a bastard now. :(
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Jay Cock!


I feel slightly better now. Due to chemy and slashluvrrina's fic on blue_slash

Sent my fics to the britslash mod for the website, but I don't feel like i can write a bio for it yet. Sigh.

Not even watchin tele is cheering me up, as it usually does. I just hope it will pass.
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