February 20th, 2004

Jay Cock!


Six Feet Under last night was hilarious! Was that artist guy in Sex and the City? Brenda's back next ep, yay! :D
Joined bustedslash today.
I started the first part of Make It Happen last night so I'll post it here, there and blue_slash he he

But I've got shoppin first, I hope to get LOTR, I haven't seen any of em so i hope it'll be worth it!

Then I'll finish it and get it posted! *squees*
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Jay Cock!


Seen the Blue vid Breathe Easy twice today! So hot!
Finished Make It Happen part 1 and am finishin a new Busted icon :D
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Jay Cock!


Finally, as promised is:

Collapse )

Ain't she cute!

Also posted Make It Happen on bustedslash and blue_slash
He he

Is it just me or is everyone stealing Dunk's hairstyle from the Guilty video? First James now Charlie! Is everyone tryin to get Lee's attention, or are they just copying each other.... hmmmm
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Jay Cock!


Kylie was on TOTP! Squees!
She looked great, as always!:D

No one else interestin on though, except Sam and Mark. I can see why people write slash about them!
Currently I've got Anya runnin round in her ball, he he
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