February 7th, 2004

Jay Cock!


Just got up (yes I know i'm lazy!)
I fell asleep last night watching tv.

Thanks to slashluvrrina for this link:

It was a choice between Chester, Orlando and Hayden but I choose Hayden :).

1 week till Valentine's day, gotta sort out a card for Simon :D
Then its halfterm, woohoo!
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Jay Cock!

He he

First off I have a new mood theme: courtesy of remember_nomore It's Anya, ain't it cool!
Second: I do love the new Lostprophets album: go buy it!
Third: Falling Apart part 4 (aka the one with the sex) will up finished sometime today:-D
And finally, thanks again to slashluvrrina for promoting blue_slash practically everywhere. Bravo! Give the girl a medel! he he

vulcan_girl is at camp this weekend so I'm stuck here bored, yawns.

Update; I also posted some icons at buffyecticons :-)
Jay Cock!

Almost done

Falling Apart is almost done, so it should be up soon.
Then I can work on the challenge fic. Seen Charmed earlier, is anyone else suspicious of Chris the hottie?
Watching Angels In America, it's weird, I dunno if I like it yet. The druggie girl was class though, he he.
First fic posted for the challenge by slashluvrrina.
It's really sweet:)
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